I want to go to Leeds.

The band who wrote ‘Kellogg’s Wasps’, ‘Mystery Thriller Teen Drama’ and ‘Ghostesses’ live there. I want to see them play live and shake their hands. They have saved me from a thousand dull demos.

This EP makes me want to go out and be stupid. The whole thing is unpredictable, speedy and brilliant. Riffs. Stop. Start. Riffs. Screams. Riffs. These guys deserve a Nobel Prize For Rifflature.

All of the songs are under 3 minutes, which is how it should be. Like cocaine and fast, meaningless sex, listening to Superluxury is both thrilling and addictive.

The lyrics are the very epitome of economy:

show me you love me
keeper of bees
show me your honey
cereal please

 – from ‘Kellogg’s Wasps’

and there’s

I have a good idea
let’s steal your mummy’s saloon
and drive to the coast

Teen Drama

I have got a good idea
let’s steal your daddy’s pickup
and drive into the woods

Teen Drama

 – from ‘Mystery Thriller Teen Drama’.


I could go on, but I won’t.

Buy this loud, brash, brilliant EP and play it before you go out. It is fantastic.

If Superluxury don’t become rich, disgusting rock stars who descend into madness and failed rehab, then life is unfair.



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