Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse.


When you all hit the right groove, it is a spiritual event. The clumsiness of the spoken word is gone, and all communication is through the eyes and the sacred, ancient form we call music.

The joy of guitar bands.

The joy of guitar bands.

Being in a guitar band is one of the most intense and satisfying experiences I know. The shared excitement in the creation of something rhythmic, primal and loud is like prayer or meditation for me. When the groove is found, I feel connected to some massive, fundamental thing, an immense power that is both ancient and right now, strong and utterly life-affirming. It expresses so much – sex, rage, joy, sadness and love – and it can sound so, so good.

That combination of guitar, bass and drums is the holy trinity and has been responsible for so much excitement in my life. Although I went into music primarily to attract women, I soon found that the simple pleasure of making music was essential to my well-being. Yes, I got girls, but I got so much more as well.

I listen to all kinds of music – classical, folk, rap, 1980s electronic synth pop, gospel, country etc etc – but as far as I am concerned,  a guitar band in full flight is still one of the most exciting sounds in music.

Just the guitar intro from certain songs puts my senses on ‘red alert’ – Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction/Start Me Up, Ace Of Spades, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Ziggy Stardust, Walk This Way, All Along The Watchtower/Purple Haze/Voodoo Chile, New Pony, Sweet Home Alabama, Just, My Generation, Hey, Hey, My, My, God Save The Queen to name but a few.

There are new, unsigned bands that also have the same effect – Leaving Richmond are an LA based instrumental band who are an aural adrenaline rush; Superluxury are from Leeds and make me want to go out and treat women badly and then there’s Aulos, who are so good live that I couldn’t find the words to express my happiness.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Anyway, the reason I mention any of this is because today I listened to an old Neil Young & Crazy Horse album for the first time and it reminded me how much I love that classic sound.

There is no great craftsmanship to the songs, the lyrics could be about toilet roll for all I care, it’s kind of slow and hypnotic without too much dynamic and the vocals are generally buried deep in the mix but…it sounds amazing.

I put it on, turned it up and revelled in the simple sound of a band playing together and loving every second of it.

The songs are long and I want them to be. I just want to hear some guitar and amp, some hum, some solos and bass runs and rock solid drums. I don’t want to think, be informed, hear a message or a point of view, I just want to hear a band playing loud. The mistakes are left in there and I like that. This shit is made by humans, not robots. It is loose, raw and really, really good.

I don’t know what the songs are about, I don’t even know what they’re called.

I don’t care.

The album is called ‘Broken Arrow’, it’s by Neil Young & Crazy Horse and I love it.



Copyright © 2013 William Henry Prince.


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