Leaving Richmond – An Elusive Glow EP

I often don’t understand things, but have a feeling about them, anyway.


Music is one of those things.


I made a living as a musician for years, but I can’t write or read a note. I have no idea how it works. It is as much of a mystery to me as quantum physics.


All I know is that it can move and inspire me. If it makes me feel something, it’s a keeper.


The Rolling Stones album ‘Some Girls’ makes me want to go out and treat women badly. Bob Dylan sometimes makes me want to be religious. Mikey Dread makes me wish I was a black Rasta. Mazzy Star make me want to take morphine. I could go on, but you get the idea.


Leaving Richmond make me want to fly. With joy.



Whenever I play their stuff, I immediately want to travel. There should be a new music genre called, maybe, Volition Rock or Transit Music.


It has a drive, a propulsive energy, that inspires me to get my nomad on. In February, I will be walking across the Sahara Desert. The only music I am taking is by Leaving Richmond.


The beauty of our species is in this music, too.  It works like anti-depressants should – prodding the happy gland, releasing endorphins and making you want to be a part of something. Part of the world.


Don’t ask me how it does these things, because I don’t know.


It just does.


This music is utterly inspiring and life-affirming.

What more do you need?


The EP is released today – 29th July 2014

You can buy it here


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