Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert – Auto-cue reflections in the eyes of the dull.


This event took place at Madison Square Garden on October 16th, 1992.

I watched it on TV at the time. I remember being excited because Dylan wasn’t on TV much in the 90s. I also remember being bitterly disappointed by the whole thing, especially Dylan’s performance.

The remastered sound and digitally enhanced visuals do nothing to change that original feeling.

It’s nice, in a bittersweet way, to see June and Johnny Cash; Richie Havens is dignified and tender, Neil Young is always a treat, Lou Reed makes a decent effort but, truly, I find it a dreary and uncomfortable watch.

A million faces at my feet and all I see are dark eyes.

No wonder Dylan sat on his bus outside the venue, watching it on a TV until it was his turn to go on.

The organisers were not certain he would join in or drive off.

He should have driven off.

The only thing I found interesting from the new release was Sinead O’Connor singing I Believe In You, at rehearsal, which is beautiful.

She was booed and heckled on the night and didn’t perform it.

Insipid and ploddy gropes at some of Dylan’s songs by the ploddy and insipid Clapton, Petty, McGuinn and…

…oh, it’s just a blandfest.

A huge 4/4 dead beat graveyard.

A kiss-ass bullshit excuse for the dull to wear suits…

I suppose it will sell because half the line-up are dead.

Bob looks delighted to be there.


Dylan seems to be in physical pain and his voice is awful.

He looks like he’d rather be a million miles away, playing a real gig.

It’s a bit like his appearance on MTV’s ‘Unplugged’, where his discomfort is tangible amid the sycophantic worship from Sony executives, applauding his mere presence, like Gucci automatons.


I’ve seen Dylan in concert many times now.

He has always been truly, extraordinarily great and absolutely NOTHING like he is on this dvd/blu-ray/cd/mp3 set.

Save your hard-earned.

Bob Dylan has released some radically brilliant and unique music – buy some of that instead.


One response to “Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert – Auto-cue reflections in the eyes of the dull.

  1. Yeah sure, a lot of it, true, but on the other hand Booker T doing Gotta Serve Somebody, T Petty doing License to Kill, Neil doing Tom Thumb Blues, Willie Nelson doing What was it you Wanted (on the offbeat), Band (some of it) doing Masterpiece, Pearl Jam guys doing Masters of War, Ojays on Emotionally Yours, Bob himself on Its Alright Ma and North Country Girl even, a couple of others like Ritchie Havens and Johnny Winter that were not so groundbreaking but were solid, there’s enough there for a pretty special vinyl album at least, I reckon…

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