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At 17, in bed with Patti Smith. Photo by James Finch.

At 17, in bed with Patti Smith. Photo by James Finch.


26 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Je t’aime Monsieur Prince …and his delightful article !!………..That Oregon Nash Lady :>}

  2. Omg i read this and shared on facebook and with my family. So sorry that happened to your daughter and you. My heat broke. You are such a amazing father and the way you handled it and then warned others is remarkable. Wishing much happiness joy n saftey to you and her

  3. I am a single parent to a 13 yr old daughter. We talk often about things that can happen in this world, but I always worry it isn’t enough.
    Your written experience is so raw. Thank you for sharing.
    May the light shine through the darkness a little more every day.

    • Leaving a job, home, friends, family is more trauma for her. She is safe now. It’s something they looked into but it’s one hell of a big step. Jim decided to stay and fight. Also, if there are this number of pedophiles in a small, where is safe to move to?

    • Move where? There are paedophiles everywhere. Don’t judge other people’s decision. You aren’t there and don’t know.

      @William, sending prayers and good wishes. Lucy is very lucky to have you.

  4. Thank you for the follow. Your story made for harrowing reading (I recently watched “Three Girls”, which was about a real life paedophile ring, and know to my own tennage detriment that an 18 year old can be into underage girls). I’m glad that there’s light at the end of the tunnel x

      • It was a long time ago, but I still remember not understanding that my “boyfriend” was actually harming me (he actually had me believing that I was abnormal because I didn’t like his sexual kinks and he said that everybody does those things – which, of course, wasn’t true). I was 15, so the idea that somebody can do that same thing to an eleven year old fills me with horror. It was a brave post you made; it’s a subject that should be talked about far more than it is. I have an adult autistic son, who also has learning disabilities. He’s very trusting, and I’m grateful every day that he was always in good hands with carers, and remains so to this day.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. We recently moved to the UK to get away from the clustered city and slow down life a bit. My daughter is of the same age, very confident but also naive and trusting of everyone. Trying to find that happy balance of teaching your kids not to be too cynical and still have that youthful innocence can be daunting. We’ve done all the precautions you’ve mentioned (numerous times, especially the changing passwords) but sometime’s I fear it’s not enough. Do you think reading your story could be helpful or harmful? I’ve thought about sharing it with my daughter. Thank you again and i hope Lucy bounces back with all the vivacity and youth that comes from obviously being so well loved.

  6. Hi there,
    I read your story from someone who shared this in a Facebook page in Singapore and after reading what you and Lucy have gone through made me cry. Most parents in your position would be devatstated if their children are caught up in the same situation. I’m so happy to hear Lucy is doing better and I’m very impressed with how you have handled this. You are a great father and Lucy knows how amazing you are. Not giving up on your child is an amazing feat. Your story and your advice as inspired me and hopefully others on being vigilant on the true dangers of paedophile grooming. Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. You are an amazing dad. Something similar happened to my (then 12) daughter. Terrible time, and similar story. At 24 now she is doing great, but her boyfriend lost a job when the perpetrator started taunting him at work. (My daughter had told him about that person). He has not gone away. I am lucky her boyfriend didnt kill the guy, and i struggle with wanting to hurt him too.
    It happens everywhere, and parents have little control. The best thing you can do is tell the story, it may help some other child. Thank you.

  8. I have a 12 year old granddaughter that has all of the social media apps you spoke of, This is a real eye opener. I’m so glad Lucy is doing well now, you’re a strong and loving father. It takes a stronger man to maintain control than it is to loose it.

  9. I read your horrific post. I’m checking my daughters phone right now. Thanks for telling your story and for teaching us. I’d really like to know whereabout this happened? Terrified!

    • In the U.K. Wales to be precise. It was written to show how these men get to our children – not to scare anyone.
      Jim was very naive and doesn’t want other parents to be that way.

  10. My situation is eerily similar. Her father left for major health reasons so I’m all alone. My 13yo got groomed and visited a brothel where she was sexually exploited. I drive by the house all the time and all I can say is if I ever get the lady, yes she is a lady !!! Alone she will be very hurt. I’m in Canada and it’s been months but the police do not update me in anything and it looks like she might never get charged. My daughter is now very behaviourally challenged … she can’t keep friends, she can’t stay in school. Self harms, etc etc. If I take her phone she becomes violent. I wish I was a strong male at times as she would listen more. Any advice ? I’m crying as I write this 😭

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