‘Pigments’ by Wilson Trouve.

‘Pigments’ by Wilson Trouve.


A pigment changes the colour of light, by absorption or by scattering. Pigments are usually dispersed in vehicles like inks and paints.


Or music.


The piece starts like sunlight on a still blue lake. The notes hit the water and gently ripple across it’s surface. The beautiful pauses bring me peace.


The whole recording is alive with colour, with shadow and reflection. Changes in tempo bring brightness or slowly fade into dark shade. Every colour creates a mood, evokes an emotional response.


Minors and majors, rhythms and pauses become blues, yellows, greens and reds. They merge, contrast or dance alone.


These pigments, notes and rhythms lead me on a journey, where the changing landscapes show me hope, sorrow, longing and joy.


There are no voices, no words to ruin the trip, just colours. It’s not a holiday by train, boat, plane or car. It’s the magic carpet of your dreams.


Occasionally, music allows us to connect with something so joyous, free and colourful, that we feel spiritually uplifted. 

It is more than music that we hear. It is soul.

‘Pigments’ does this from beginning to end.

It is truly, truly beautiful.



Copyright © 2017 William Henry Prince. All rights reserved.


“Pigments” has been composed, performed and mixed between October 2016 and April 2017, in Brussels, Belgium.  
All tracks mastered by Wil Bolton in the UK.
It will be released and distributed on the 29th of September (Itunes, Spotify…).



One response to “‘Pigments’ by Wilson Trouve.

  1. Thank you for this post! Because of this post I now have a new artist who’s music I really enjoy!

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