Earlier this year, I walked through the Sahara desert. 
I listened to instrumental music that would not distract me with lyrics or human voices. 
I chose recordings by Leaving Richmond (the work of LA based composer Jordan Pier).
I would walk for an hour with the music playing then two hours without. I wanted to listen to the desert, too.
Leaving Richmond and the Sahara worked well together. One helped the other. 
As I began to walk, all i saw were the expanses, the undulating dunes with the light playing tricks, making shapes, textures.
Then I pressed play on my iPod. At first, the contrast seemed too much – the organic and visual versus the electronic and digital audio. Until the shapes emerged and the two became seamless. It didn’t matter what made the music, it just mattered that it felt good and enhanced my experience.
The Leaving Richmond tracks created aural waves, sonic dunes. Then I began to focus in on particular instruments, patterns or motifs. I heard the intricacies, like watching silver ants busy in the sand, or the sand itself, a monumental puzzle of grains. 
Leaving Richmond made me focus on the life that made up the giant ocean of gold. 
At night, the music complimented the extraordinary sky, alive with stars and planets. I felt aware that I was alive and utterly unimportant. 
Music and deserts will carry on without me but i sure do love being alive to experience them. 


Leaving Richmond



  1. Of course I love this……… the words you use…..make me feel the magic too………….. I kept reading and re-reading the same sentences…all through your imaginative prose…………not because I was missing something…..but because I needed to not miss a beat……. Thanx Sir Prince……bravo once more……………..

  2. Yep! Good prose man. You really need to write a book you know.
    Keep in touch mate. But write that bloody book!

  3. May I share the Child Grooming and Abduction article in my community FB page, Ligonier Unpolished?

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