I talked to an old soldier today.

I talked to an old soldier today.

His company lost 19 men in one afternoon. These weren’t 19 strangers, but men he had come to know as brothers. They trusted each other with their lives.

They died following orders and they trusted that the reasons they were fighting were right and just. They weren’t philosophers or academics, they were men who did what they did because they believed they were protecting the freedom and rights of their families and fellow countrymen.

Today, it seems to me that a lot of wars are more about oil and money, than right and wrong. The bad guys are harder to discern. There are a lot of flags flying. I don’t trust politicians or their motives for the decisions they make.

That doesn’t mean that I disrespect the men and women who serve (and served) their country as soldiers. I believe they are heroes and I always will.

I have friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Catholic and Atheist. I have friends who are soldiers and friends who are pacifists. I respect them all. I have no right to judge anyone. I gave up that right when I was born human.

I have been to too many countries and met too many people to be remotely upset by anyone’s faith, ethnicity or politics. An open mind, wit, courage and honesty are the things I treasure in people.

I live a peaceful and interesting life. I have health, love, peace, a home, money, food and a large degree of freedom.

My little girl knows nothing of suffering, hunger or war and that is a blessing. She is free to dream, laugh and play.

For the above and more, I owe these old men, these soldiers, a huge debt. I will never forget that my present freedom is a luxury that is built on the bravery and lives of others.

I talked to an old soldier today.

It was an honour and a privilege.


3 responses to “I talked to an old soldier today.

  1. I Love you Prince….Your honesty and way- with- the- words shines bright in these days of so much hatred and negativity……You fill my brain with hope.

  2. Tender hearted, gracious, mindful, self-effacing…jut a few thoughts that come to mind when I read the writings of Mister William Henry Prince… Authentic and unadulterated class. Proverbs 25:11 “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold…

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