Leaving Richmond – Secret Traditions EP

The Secret Traditions Of Washington Avenue EP by ‘LEAVING RICHMOND’


I love watching people – at airports, on trains, in cafés and, today, from a car.

I am in awe of my species, in all its brutal, fragile, fleeting majesty. I love the details too – a woman turns away so she doesn’t see a homeless man begging; a little girl sleeping in the arms of her Dad; two lovers in a doorway, kissing.

The music of Leaving Richmond holds a similar fascination and pleasure for me. It makes the world seem a better place. It has the right dynamics – melodic, vast, intricate and fast; fragile, driven, beautiful and hard.

Like watching the city, I get excited by the movement of the music, the passionate drive, then focus in on a melody or an acoustic guitar passage – before being swept along in the whole rushing, gleeful mass. It elevates the spirit and satisfies the mind. I love it.

And there’s no annoying singer or bland pop lyrics! You are free to make it mean whatever you want.

I have found the soundtrack to my own movie.

This is music for the modern world. It has everything and it doesn’t waste a note. There are no self-indulgent, elongated tracks to get bored with – this is taut, skinny, go-out-there-and-do-it music.

Play this EP and I guarantee that you will be left smiling.


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