How to Define Buyer Personas for Brand Development

One of the key stage of brand development is to know who you serve. Developing a brand without a target will bring you nowhere. If you haven’t defined your customer or client, it means that you are not ready for brand development. It should be noted that branding is not merely a matter of placing advertisements. It is a way of attracting new business and getting it recognized. In order to achieve this goal, you should know whom you want to attract. It is impossible to reach target customers before identifying who they are. Think about your products or services. Who want to purchase them?

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You can start by looking for the customers’ demographic profile. The profile cover information about their age, gender, marital status, income, where they live, and whether they have children or not. By

knowing their demographic profile, you can identify your ideal customers. Keep in mind that every business has ideal customers. For example, when you are selling working attire for ladies, your target customers will be female, who are career women, probably in the age of 25 to 40 years old.

In addition to knowing the demographic profile, it is also important to understand their psychographic profile that deals with their lifestyles and attitudes. Working people for example, have lifestyle priorities and constrains due to the limited time they have outside works. On the one hand, retired people have more free time. That is why it is important to find out whether your audiences are employed or retired, what their hobbies are, how they spend their leisure time, where they go on vacation, what their shopping habit like, and many more.

Understanding the ideal customers brings so many benefits to your business. First, it lowers marketing costs. We all know that marketing can be extremely expensive. When you know your target demographics, you can allocate all the budget to the places where your ideal customers are there. If you are targeting millennial, for example, you can select social media as the channels to advertise your product as the target customers are all on social media. In addition, understanding who you serve will help identify new opportunities and create unique selling points. It eventually can increase sale. This is the ultimate purpose of brand development, isn’t? By creating customers’ profile, any businesses are able to upsurge marketing efforts to target those most likely to purchase.

The effective ways to find out about the customers’ demographic and psychographic profile is to conduct a survey. You can spread questionnaires to your respondents. This can be done online using Google forms. Online questionnaires can be spread easily and the result can be proceeded quickly. More importantly, it won’t waste your time, energy, and money. However, a survey alone is not enough. You need to choose some respondents to be interviewed. It can be one-to-one interview of focused group discussion. While the result of the questionnaires give you the quantitative data, the interview result provide you with comprehensive qualitative data that will support the quantitative ones.

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